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Chess Mates enhances primary education through after-school chess programs in the Seattle area of Washington State.

The Chess Mates programs focus on chess as a teaching tool. Learning and playing chess helps children build future life and work skills.

Chess clubs meet after classes in Seattle area elementary and middle schools once a week, October through May, at the school facilities. Chess Mates provides all teaching materials, chess equipment and a trained instructor.

The programs are accessible to all children regardless of race, gender, physical ability, or economic situation.

Chess Mates is 501-c-3 non-profit organization funded by program fees and contributions from individuals, companies and private foundations


CMF founder Henry Eisenhardt in 1995 received the KCTS Golden Apple Award for an outstanding individual or program making a dramatic difference in Washington State education in grades pre-K through 12.

CMF President Dr. Leo Stefurak in 1999 received the Alliance For Education's Katharine M. Bullitt A+ Award for resourceful and creative collaboration toward heightened student academic achievement.

Chess Mates parent coordinator Lori Osseward in 2001 received two Golden Acorn Awards from the Washington State PTA in recognition of her dedication and service to children and youth.

Chess Mates is partially funded through donations from individuals corporations and foundations.

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How We Got Started

Chess Mates Foundation was created in 1989 by Mr. Henry Eisenhardt

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