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Dear Chess Parent:
Welcome to Chess Mates!

Did you know that Chess Makes Kids Smart?

National studies reveal that children who participate in structured chess activities increase their overall academic performance, especially in reading, math and science. Those of you who have children in Chess Mates' clubs have already seen benefits associated with learning chess.

Many schools, both public and private, offer chess clubs for their students. More than 1,000 students participate in the State Elementary Championships every year this movement just keeps growing. Chess Mates is proud to be a part of this thriving community! Chess is one of the oldest strategy games known to humanity. It teaches concentration, patience and planning. Every move (action) has consequences and children gain valuable lessons from it. 

Chess Mates is looking forward to the 2012-2013 school year, our 24th year of providing after-school chess programs to Seattle public elementary and middle schools. Our organization was started in 1989 by Henry Eisenhardt, a retired Seattle businessman. Henry's goal was to introduce children to the wonders of chess and to its educational benefits. Over time, the program was accepted in many schools and now Seattle is one of the country's leading scholastic chess communities. 

Chess Mates offers weekly chess classes during the school year, October through April. This service is possible through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers who give their time and effort helping children reach their full academic potential. We provide participating schools with the chess instructors, equipment, teaching materials and administrative support needed to initiate, operate and maintain their chess clubs. 

In addition to regular weekly classes, Chess Mates sponsors three major scholastic tournaments each year. The Fall Chess Kick-Off, (planned for November 16 this year), Winter Chess Fest (January 18) and Spring Chess Fest (date pending) tournaments are our big annual events that bring together hundreds of children from local schools. Every year approximately 100 to 150 students play their very first tournament game in our events! From time to time, we also organize community-oriented chess events that show the remarkable abilities of children.

Several years ago Chess Mates introduced a program fee ($105 for the year 2013/14) for the first time. The program fee helps to pay the costs of running the club programs and it is far below the amount students pay for many other after-school activities. The program fee has been a success and has led to a stable grant support from the private sector of our community.

Participation in Chess Mates program is quite simple. To register your child, please fill out completely and return to your chess club coordinator the attached form. Children eligible for free or reduced lunch cost programs at their respective schools are accepted into Chess Mates program free of charge.

Chess Mates Foundation is a 501-c(3) non-profit organization, partially dependent on donations for support of our programs. If you want to sponsor another child, please keep in mind that such donation can be tax deductible. Our programs are very efficient and your help will go a long way. If your company or organization provides matching contributions, your help can be doubled! 

Your financial support lets us know that you value the benefits your child receives from chess.

Georgi Orlov
1994 US Open Chess Champion
Executive Director


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