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Chess.mx - play chess (Spanish language site similar to ChessBoss.com)

Chessboss.com - chess news, online games, events, instruction

AmericaChess.com - chess articles, instruction, tactics, news


Roman Jiganchine's Chess Blog - created by 20-year-old Canadian chess master, it has chess match critiques and strategies, games, puzzles, product reviews, links, more

Borders Chess Club - has a Puzzles page, and their Links page leads to more puzzle sites

Chess.com - has chess news, a daily puzzle, lessons, a forum, links to blogs, more

Puget Sound Chess Connection - lists local chess organizations and events

Chessplayer - Georgi Orlov's site, it has chess puzzles, instruction, products, Pacific Northwest events schedule

Internet Chess Club - play live online chess

First Saturday Budapest Chess Tournaments - Hungarian Chess Federation tournament games

before the tourney trophies