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President Leo Talks About Chess and the Brain on KUOW FM

Becoming a chess master is more about seeing than thinking. And getting to checkmate is more about spatial processing than simple logic. Those are just two of the conclusions Leo Stefurak has made as both a psychologist and the president of Chessmates, a local organization that promotes chess education. Leo looks at chess as indirect learning tool — a way of engaging kids in complex thinking at any early age. Today, he tells us how his love of the game started at age 10.

Chess Mates Foundation Receives $10,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

SEATTLE – The Chess Mates Foundation today announced a $10,000 gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The funds will be used to support and sustain the Chess Mates Foundation’s new and existing scholastic chess programs in nearly 50 greater Seattle area elementary and middle schools.

"We are very excited our efforts are being supported by the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation,” said Georgi Orlov, executive director of the Chess Mates Foundation. The Chess Mates Foundation has been leading the way for chess education in public schools throughout the Seattle area for more than a decade.

Chess Mates Foundation programs focus on the concept that the game of chess makes critical thinking and creative problem-solving fun for children. Chess Mates provides all teaching materials, chess equipment and a trained instructor for each program.

The Chess Mates Foundation has developed scholastic chess clubs and provided after-school chess instruction in Puget Sound-area primary and secondary public schools since 1989.

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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, www.gatesfoundation.org
Chess Mates, www.chessmates.org

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