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  • Unless otherwise instructed, you must be seated during your chess club meeting. This means no running around. Remember you are here to play chess.

  • There will be no throwing of chess pieces or other objects.

  • Hitting, kicking, shouting, name-calling or other such behavior will result in expulsion from chess club.

  • Always speak in a quiet, respectful, courteous voice so every player can enjoy his or her game.

  • If you touch a man during your chess match, you must move it.

  • When you take your hand off the man, your move is over.

  • When you are watching other people play, keep your advice to yourself. Each player may choose another person for advice only if both players agree.

  • Try to settle disputes yourself. If you cannot agree and cannot work it out, raise your hand for your instructor or volunteer coordinator to help you.

  • Win or lose, always shake hands with your opponent after each game.
  • If you knock over pieces on the board, you lose the game. If you intentionally knock over pieces or abuse your opponent or the equipment, you could be expelled from chess club.

  • You may not leave chess club before the designated ending time without an adult supervisorís permission.

  • It is very important to pay attention and show respect to your chess instructor and volunteer coordinators.

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